5 elements critical to creating a dynamic workplace experience

By Nerys Mutlow, - Employee experienceFuture Workplace

What does a dynamic workplace mean to you?

For many, it’s simply letting your employees occasionally work from home.

But it should be so much more than that.

At its most basic, it’s about creating choices. Facilitating an environment where your employees have the freedom to figure out how to be their best.

And believe it or not, a dynamic workplace has become a key component to the success of an enterprise – as I’m going to explain further in this blog post.

1. Understanding the user journey

An intelligent workplace needs to be facilitated, not just created.

Understand that it’s about helping staff find their own ideal way of working.

This means studying your employees’ user journeys to understand their preferences and bottle-necks. For an intimate understanding of the end user, you can create an optimal journey that will deliver value and a positive emotional response.

We’re all different: some employees do their best work between 11pm and 4am, while others do most of their mental heavy-lifting before noon.

So, the goal for every employer should be to achieve a ‘boundary-less’ workplace, where everyone can determine where and how they work best and is provided with the tools to make it a reality.

And while this must be underpinned by tech, culture is a key component.

2. A sustainable culture

Our beliefs shape who we are – and how we work.

These days, sustainability is something many young professionals have prioritized from a very young age. I often contrast my children’s tenacious attitude to turning off lights to my less than ‘woke’ younger self.

A recent survey states that nearly three-quarters of millennials would take a pay cut if it meant they could work for a low impact company.

So, addressing your firm’s impact on the climate and the measures you are taking to reduce it, will only grow in importance as younger generations enter the workplace.

3. What does the business get out of it?

Creating a dynamic workplace is difficult. It requires change to processes, equipment, systems and attitudes – none of which happens overnight.

So why should businesses make the effort?

Well, creating an intelligent, personalized and dynamic workplace increases engagement levels among your staff.

Disengagement costs businesses billions every year. And when workers are over-worked, stressed and tired, they are much more likely to make mistakes.

Organisations are also competing for the best talent for their businesses. As candidates have so much choice it is important that an organisation can demonstrate how their purpose and values align with the employees.  You can’t just compete on money anymore.

An engaged workforce, on the other hand, can improve a firm’s revenue by up to 147%, driving growth, productivity and creativity.

Sounds like an easy choice to me.

4. Shared responsibility

Creating a dynamic workplace experience takes a village.

You role-model your worker’s expectations around your own workplace lifestyle. Habits like being ‘always on’ take advantage of technology, but set the wrong example for staff.

HR needs the right tools to monitor workers’ wellbeing and feel empowered by leaders to make positive changes.

In the end, all staff should have the freedom to flag processes which they find burdensome and drive their own workplace experience.

5. The engine that powers your business

I bet you know your business objectives for the next five years.

But do you know what your next steps are in creating a smarter workplace?

Building a dynamic workplace needs to be part of your long-term strategy.

Because every firm is fighting for the same skill-set when it comes to new talent. And if you’re not thinking about how to improve your workplace, I promise your competitors are.

And a dynamic workplace is the engine that will power your business to achieve its long-term objectives. That’s what makes it so vitally important – now, and especially for the future.

If you want to learn more about how you can create a dynamic workplace, tune in to watch Nerys Mutlow and Bryan Janes from Citrix talk about the importance of improving employee experience in a way that genuinely meets the needs of all individuals.

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