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David Smith is responsible for Fujitsu’s current and future Digital Workplace services,  driving a human centric philosophy to the innovation and cost reduction of those IT tools and services that we all use every day.
The three biggest trends that will shape our future workplace

The three biggest trends that will shape our future workplace

I introduced the digital workplace session at Fujitsu World Tour 2017 by highlighting a paradox: We have more tech than ever to help solve problems and make things simpler, yet productivity is slowing down. Global gross domestic product (GDP) – i.e. the total value of everything produced by all the people... Read more
Automation and analytics in the workplace

What is the value of work in the age of automation?

What’s your job really worth? Is it how much money you make for you and your organization? Or is it the contribution you make to the world around you? While traditionally our Western society has defined the value of work by the former (nurses, for example, are not highly paid, despite... Read more
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Shining a light on your digital workplace vision

The word ’digital’ is everywhere these days, with many referring to this as the ‘fourth industrial revolution’, and perhaps that’s the right analogy. The potential of improved productivity is once again being accompanied by the same fears of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) displacing jobs and leaving sections of... Read more

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