Embracing a Workspace with Intelligence

By Gareth Clarke, - Employee experienceFuture Workplace

Today’s employees are often drowning in a sea of applications and faced with a daily mountain of manual, repetitive tasks that impacts their engagement and productivity. This has only increased as remote working becomes the norm for many workforces around the world.

But work doesn’t have to be a constant battle to stay afloat in the face of uphill struggles. In fact, when a digital workspace is wrapped with “intelligence”, it can be quite the opposite.

In this article, I’ll show you how Citrix Workspace and Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess DigitalSuite can be used in tandem to streamline business processes and elevate the overall employee experience, to set your organization up for sustained success in the new year and beyond.

What is an intelligent workspace?

In a nutshell, an intelligent workspace can be defined as a place of work that provides a unified, secure experience to organise, guide and automate every day work – from any location, on any device.

Some similarities can be drawn between a digital and an intelligent workspace. But the latter works harder to minimise the mundane, automate repetitive tasks and understand the changing needs of its user.

By using analytics to gather insights on how a user interacts with their digital workspace, an intelligent workspace will self-evolve to further enhance user experience whilst keeping those users secure. The result? A smarter, more effective workspace that enhances employee productivity and engagement.

Why do we need an intelligent workspace?

Remote workers need a workspace that accelerates teamwork, ensures seamless collaboration and supports physical and mental wellbeing to ultimately provide a positive employee experience.

Of course, we know that how an employee feels directly impacts their performance. So, a failure to acknowledge and act on the above will only result in the long-term dissatisfaction of employees and the subsequent negative impact upon business.

In many instances, organizations are aware of this. But the reality is, employees continue to juggle seemingly infinite work-streams and dozens of connection points in real time.

Employees are under constant pressure to work faster and more efficiently, which isn’t helped by the multiple logins and numerous digital pathways to outdated legacy applications, out of control collaboration tools that have been hastily setup and search portals that are not in the least bit intuitive.

The solution: technology that empowers your people

In this digital age, there’s no end of technologies claiming to provide the answers to your employee experience problems. But together with Citrix, Fujitsu has devised a solution that not only works, but also grows and learns with your employees to create a truly Intelligent Workplace.

The beating heart of the solution is its microapp service. Before microapps, a user would need to launch an app, navigate to the required action and then perform the action. But Citrix Workspace simply guides you to the best action within each app based on personalized preferences and habits.

Tools like universal search will put any document at a users fingertips in an instant, no matter where it’s stored – removing a frustrating barrier that often impacts employee engagement. So, all those hours that are wasted scouring cloud storage and folders or corporate intranets for files can now be used for something more productive that adds value.

Beyond microapps, I think it’s also fair to say that there is a level of frustration at being distracted by blanket digital announcements or notifications. An alert here and a pop-up there can interrupt a thought process or the task in hand. And these distractions negatively impact productivity and may lead to additional anxiety and stress.

Fortunately, this becomes a problem of the past with Intelligent Workspace. Our intelligent “newsfeed” ensures users see only what they need, when they need it. Our microapps ensure users can review, approve and attend to whatever it is they have to do with a single click – all from  a single, streamlined screen that contains all the applications and data they need to do their jobs.

The final piece of the puzzle: Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess DigitalSuite 

By embracing Intelligent Workspace, you’re well on your way to inspiring an Intelligent Workplace. But the final piece of the puzzle involves Fujitsu’s RunMyProcess (RMP) to enhance the native microapp functionality inside of Intelligent Workspace.

RMP is a flexible and scalable low-code, enterprise application platform that provides unique digital solutions across a variety of industries. When used in tandem with Intelligent Workspace, RMP extends our reach into the realm of legacy apps and bespoke workflows, allowing us to simplify, optimise and integrate them into our Intelligent Workspace.

In short, Fujitsu’s Intelligent Workspace and our RunMyProcess Digital Suite can lead your organization to the next level of productivity. But don’t just take my word for it, see how businesses are already conquering their challenges by using the two in tandem.

Join us on our journey to an Intelligent Workspace

Our new reality is evolving daily, and this changing landscape has real consequences for people, businesses, and society. Employers must support employees in every way possible, to continue to inspire greater engagement and productivity, regardless of how we work.

Time is of the essence and action is required now. Fujitsu and Citrix can help your organization every step of the way with our global expertise and unparalleled products, to rapidly transform your operations and guide you on this journey to a more intelligent workspace – and an increasingly collaborative world.

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