Enriching the employee experience in 2021

By Charles Barratt, - Employee experience


In 2020, COVID-19 changed the world of work forever. Seemingly overnight, the everyday became virtual and many employees were forced to cope with a new definition of the workplace and the uncharted challenges that came in tow.

But even faced with extreme uncertainty and hardship, organizations displayed remarkable resilience to navigate these challenges, transform their operations and ultimately keep employees engaged.  We saw a decade of change occur in just a few months.

In 2021, the same adversity applies, but a year on from the start of the pandemic our coping mechanisms have unsurprisingly wavered. In response, it’s vital that we learn from the lessons of the past year and build on our successes to further enrich the employee experience (digital, physical and mental)


Supporting a work from anywhere culture

If we’ve learned anything, it’s that important business decisions can be effectively made anywhere – be it in the boardroom, or from the comfort of your kitchen – as long as you have the right working environment, access and security.

Central to this is enabling a work-from-anywhere culture, underpinned by trust. Today, we know productivity has remained the same, if not above pre-pandemic levels – so if the work has been completed and completed well, does it matter how you got there?

Employees have shown they can be depended on, it’s now on business leaders to reciprocate this trust and challenge legacy mindsets that we must be in the office to be productive. Failure to do so will only fuel a negative experience and hamper your ability to retain and attract talent.

Enabling teams to work from anywhere can also open up your workforce. Diversity and inclusion will be vital to any progressive business – and success will mean reaping the enriched employee experience, subsequent customer experience and overall ROI that comes with D&I.


Promoting a positive sense of purpose

In a year that endured a global health crisis, a historic push for social justice and extensive economic upheaval, employees grew deeply invested in what their employer was doing to make a real difference in the world.

In 2021, this is only set to continue, and your response will be influential in enriching the employee experience. To this end, promoting a positive sense of purpose can uplift any organization and foster a sense of belonging for its people.

By listening to your workforce and acting on their needs and desires, you can align your purpose with their own and do your utmost to support their goals – be it personal development, giving back to communities, or simply hitting company targets.

In turn, you’ll find promoting a sense of purpose can have a positive impact upon employee wellbeing. But above all, constant, transparent communication and listening to staff will be non-negotiable to enriching the employee experience in a hybrid world of work.


Technology and security: a non-negotiable for EX

Communication, culture and purpose are integral to inspiring a positive employee experience. But underpinning everything is technology and security. But this isn’t a case of simply inundating staff with tech, tools and security protocol.

In fact, too many tools (and passwords) will only make for a frustrating end-user experience, which is often passed on to IT via tickets – overloading desk resources and creating unnecessary work and negative experiences in the process.

Employees are also connecting to networks on a range of different devices. But with this surge in connectivity, comes an increasing wave of cybersecurity threats, which has only intensified as a result of COVID-19.

Shoring up your security and keeping employees connected will be vital to their overall experience. By overcoming bad tech, workforces will benefit from added productivity and you can enjoy more freedom to focus on the running of your business and wellbeing of your team.

However, the above isn’t readily achieved without the right partners. Today, a simple search of network and security solutions returns an overwhelming volume of products and providers all claiming to provide the answer to your problems.


Fortunately, Fujitsu and VMware don’t just claim to provide the answers, we back it up with infrastructure that is already powering the digital world – and deliver the same, simplified excellence to drive cost-efficiency, resilience and adaptability for your own organization.


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