White paper | Financial Services futuristic day in the life scenario for 2025

The financial services industry has undergone a decade of massive upheaval – but another era of fresh disruption is just around the corner. In the aftermath of the global banking crisis, the industry had to fundamentally rethink the customer relationship as well as their product portfolios, channel strategies and the demands placed on them by regulators.

Technology and people have been at the heart of this change, with digital interaction overtaking the traditional branch as the main point of contact, and a new wave of digital native challengers shaking up traditional business models in both the banking and insurance worlds.

But what might customers’ interactions with financial services organizations and their employees be like in 2025, and what sort of changes to the workplace and working practices of those in financial services are likely?

Download the white paper and read the full story that illustrates how the Financial Services industry is investing in workplace technologies that improve productivity while helping to attract and retain the best talent, so they don’t fall falling behind the competition.

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