Fujitsu Report | Innovation to Execution: The Hardest Step of All

Are your workplace innovations ready to scale?

Innovation is widely recognized as a core business capability, essential for protecting existing markets and establishing new ones. Business surveys repeatedly show that most organizations believe that their future prosperity – and perhaps their survival – depends on their ability to innovate. And yet successful innovation remains elusive to many businesses and difficult to repeat.

To explore the challenges of scaling innovations into production, Teknowlogy Group partnered with Fujitsu looked at specific examples of best practice and organizations that have embraced open innovation at scale.

In our report we highlight the benefits that a broad range of perspectives can bring and provide guidance to organizations with validated innovation initiatives that now need to be scaled into production.

Report Key findings

  • innovations only deliver value once they gain traction
  • focus on your key strategic goals, and the value you will deliver
  • encourage wide participation – but avoid “innovation theater”
  • agree in advance who has the authority to make decisions
  • learn fast and stay nimble
  • build innovation into your DNA, and embrace outside help


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