How our strategic partnership helped redefine our customers’ strategies

By Bryan Janes, - Future Workplace


No business can do it alone – we all need help.

This simple truth is what inspired the joint solutions between Fujitsu, Microsoft and Citrix (FMC).

Since forming this alliance and uniting in joint strategic engagements, we’ve supported one another to raise the benchmark on redefining strategies and delivering continued value for our customers.

However, in the face of the global pandemic and the widespread disruption it’s introduced into workplaces, we’ve had to work closer than ever before to provide solutions for our customers when they needed them the most.

In this article, we’ll outline how our partnership has supported one another to form the backbone of business-critical services, with aligned, steadfast messaging, elevated collaboration and the supplying of solutions at pace, proving paramount to survival for many of our valued customers.


Building a fruitful partnership

Fujitsu, Microsoft and Citrix have historically had a long and productive partnership. Part and parcel of our success is that we all bring something different to the table, even though we share a focus on enterprise solutions.

Microsoft provides world-leading platforms, Citrix provides technologies that enhance and compliment and Fujitsu brings it all together with its strategic thinking, technical expertise and delivery excellence.

Because of our revered reputation, once the pandemic began to accelerate workplace digital transformation, our three firms became key vendors for the technologies at the heart of these changes.

But beyond simply being vendors, our strong partnership and breadth of expertise also meant we were able to help customers adapt at pace, so not only could they survive – but also establish the foundations to thrive in the new normal.

Businesses aren’t looking for point solutions to fix specific problems anymore. Today’s disruptions are pushing firms to form strategies that use cross functional, agile teams to find future ways of working, as well as new business models and highly adaptable solutions to support them.

Together, we’ve been able to empower and enable our customers to achieve their goals and business essentials – such as digital transformation. Overall, we’ve injected significant value into their operations in ways that would not have been impossible with just one of our organizations.


Using our partnership for good

The work we carried out with energy services and solutions company, Centrica, is a great example of how this partnership provides greater value for our customers – and for our world.

The organization was already a customer of Citrix, so before the partnership, the initial call could’ve just concluded as another run-of-the-mill license renewal.

But with the newfound capabilities our partnership afforded us, we wanted to understand the full scope of their challenge and strategies to offer a richer level of assistance.

So, prior to the pandemic, we had already utilized the combined power of the partnership to work together to build the multinational energy company a highly scalable and efficient platform for their business.

But following the outbreak of COVID-19, Centrica was faced with a pressing challenge to maintain operations – with its standing as an essential business – while safely orchestrating the mass shift to remote working for their employees.

Because of this pre-existing platform and the partnership’s combined knowledge of Centrica, we were able to leverage this to help them adapt, at breakneck speed, to continue to support the energy needs of its 25 million customers.

Ultimately, the strength of the partnership was its ability to build a platform that provided the right technology, at the right time, to support the business needs of Centrica.

But in a time of crisis, our ability to respond at pace empowered them to supply the public with energy at a time when they needed it the most.


Best-of-breed solution

A lot of the confidence our customers feel is simply due to having the reassurance and support of three top-tier vendors.

While the pandemic may have started digital transformation’s acceleration, it’s unlikely to slow down after it passes. The disruption it has kicked-up has revealed many other challenges that were hidden below the surface.

For instance, one healthcare challenge that has long caused issue in the UK has been its shortage of radiologists, along with the complexity and bulkiness of its equipment.

However, with Fujitsu, Microsoft WVD and Citrix’s expertise, even critical medical workloads like clinical grade 3D imaging –so it can be used for diagnoses –will soon be able to be done remotely, saving radiologists from daily travel and giving them more time to clear their backlog of patients.

Technology shouldn’t be created for the mere sake of it – it should change people’s lives and add value to their business. We want to rethink how work gets done so it’s more sustainable, improves employee experiences and helps customers reach their aspirations.

Now our three organizations are combining our many strengths so closely, we’re already looking to see who we can help in the future.

We love a challenge and helping our customers with their unique problems. Get in touch to learn how our expertise can help you overcome your obstacles.

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