Vision Document – Intelligent IT support for a digital world

By Kam Dhillon, - ResourcesService IntelligenceWhite Books

Intelligent Engineering – Predictive IT Support

The workplace continues to develop at a dramatic pace. People expect things to work first time, every time and they also expect choice in how they engage with services.

They want those services to be smart enough to know who they are and what they need.

If engineering services want to keep up with the evolution of the workplace, the way we deliver them has to completely change. They need to be proactive rather than reactive and need to be seen as a business enabler, not a cost of failure.

Our vision of The Digital Workplace of the Future is one that understands these changing dynamics. It is one of a simplified, intelligent workplace where everything just works and is powered by data providing personalized and analytics-based artificial intelligence.

Read our vision paper Intelligent IT Support for a Digital World to find out more about how services need to evolve to meet the needs of the Digital world

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