Manufacturing futuristic day in the life scenario for 2025

This article takes a hypothetical look at what a worker’s day in a car factory might look like in 2025

“Klaus is Head of Manufacturing for a German car-maker. The year is 2025. Although by no means a small operation, his company is not quite in the top five makers in the German market, and in any case,  it must compete on the world stage, not just its domestic market. For that reason, it is under extra pressure to be extremely lean and efficient in its manufacturing processes from start to finish – it lacks the economies of scale of the market leaders.”

“Against this backdrop, Klaus persuaded his firm to push the boundaries of what is possible in terms of ‘smart’ manufacturing, as well as adopting the latest technologies and approaches that enable him and his team to work wherever it makes sense. One of the goals was to attract the very best talent to the organization, including the younger generation who are keener than ever to strike a work-life balance by having more flexibility in their working day.”

Download the white paper and read the full story that illustrates how to the Manufacturing industry moving to flexible, relevant ways of working with technologies that suit the worker, and adapt to their way of working overtime, will be invaluable to attract the best talent.

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