What not to miss at Fujitsu Forum 2017

By Kam Dhillon, - Future WorkplaceVideos

The days are growing shorter; the nights are drawing in.

This means we’re fast approaching everybody’s favorite annual event: Fujitsu Forum.

Once again the event will take place in the glorious surroundings of the International Conference Centre in Munich.

More than 12,000 IT experts and tech pioneers will gather for a two-day festival of events, talks and networking, all designed around the theme of digital co-creation.

If you’d like to see what Fujitsu Forum 2017 will look like, check out our preview video:

Amongst all this activity we’ve picked out some hidden gems that relate to the digital workplace.

Here are our suggestions for the five breakout sessions you shouldn’t miss at Fujitsu Forum 2017:

1. The changing face of engineering: 8th November, 10:00-10:45

At the top of the bill for this year’s event, this session will examine intelligent engineering: a predictive and proactive approach towards technical support services.

Our experts, Intelligent Engineering Offerings Manager Ellie Theaker, and the Proposition Lead for Digital Workplace Services Martin Smithen, will show you how intelligent engineering can help predictively and proactively prevent problems before they happen by applying data analytics whenever and wherever you need it.

Click here to find out more.

2. The digital workplace – a glimpse of the future! 8th November, 12:00-12:45

Two of our Fujitsu colleagues, Digital Workplace Services lead Martin Smithen and EMEIA Workplace Anywhere Lead José Pinto, will be guiding you through the digital workplace of the future in this breakout session.

They will explore how the way we view work is evolving. It’s becoming more of a lifestyle than simply a day at the office – the workplace replaced with ‘work space’ that doesn’t follow traditional rules.

How can you use technology to support this changing nature of work while giving employees the experience they’ve come to expect as modern consumers? Join our discussion to find out.

Click here to find out more.

3. Banking on the digital office: 8th November, 16:00 – 17:00

Digital disruption and its effects are causing a dramatic shift in the landscape of financial services, giving rise to unprecedented rates of change, new competitors and ever-increasing expectations of customer service.

Banks in this new world need to focus on one thing above all else: the customer’s needs. This is about using technology to create a bank that is a great place to work, is easy to do business with and is built on simple processes.

The session will be led by RBS’s Head of Digital Office Steve Wood and Fujitsu’s Head of Service Innovation & Portfolio Ramanan Ramakrishna. Come along to find out how to build a bank fit for the future workforce.

Click here to find out more.

4. Future workplace 2025 – panel discussion: 8th November, 17:00-18:00

Our Future workplace 2025 panel is packed with experts from various partners across all industry sectors, including Citrix’s Vice President & CTO of Workspace Services Christian Reilly; Microsoft’s Head of IT Germany Anna Kopp; Google’s Head of Alliances Global SI Harald Fratz, and Fujitsu’s very own Head of Offerings, Managed Infrastructure Services EMEIA Robin Lipscomb.

They’ll be discussing the five big changes that are about to impact the workplace:

  1. The lifestyle workplace (social change)
  2. The intelligent workplace (technological change)
  3. The low-impact workplace (environmental change)
  4. The boundary-less workplace (business and industry change)
  5. The cross-generational workplace (demographic change)

Our panel will dig into these five key areas and help you prepare for what’s coming.

It promises to be a lively discussion, so definitely not one to miss. Click here to find out more.

Note: Don’t miss the opportunity to download our Workplace 2025 white paper that takes an in-depth view at the five key areas that will reshape the workplace by 2025, along with some practical steps that businesses should take now to ensure long-term success.

5. Don’t become a headline – secure your workplace: 9th November, 11:00-11:45

This session will explore today’s most pressing subject: security.

The development of the digital industry has brought its own set of unique challenges, from phishing emails to DDoS attacks and mass-scale data breaches.

How do you keep your workplace safe from these threats without damaging the user experience?

Find out with the help of Citrix’s Vice President & CTO of Workspace Services Christian Reilly; Microsoft’s Head of IT Germany Anna Kopp, and Fujitsu’s Head of Digital Workplace Services Karyn Jeffery.

Click here to find out more.


So these are our five breakout sessions to watch out for at Fujitsu Forum.

But there’s also some bonus activity worth mentioning:

The Digital Workplace Services area at the Demonstration Centre

The Demonstration centre is the central zone of the Fujitsu Forum, which will be dedicated to interactive sessions that showcase solutions for various industries and how these are being used by our customers.

The Digital Workplace Services area will demonstrate how we can transform your workplace into an intelligent workspace environment, where you can provide contextual and seamless services securely and that are tailored to your users’ needs.

We will bring this concept to life by demonstrating how we can support a user from the day they join a company to the day they leave.

We’ll be guiding you through all the pain points in an employee’s world and how technology can help overcome them – a day in the life of the modern, digital workplace.

Be sure to come and join us for the experience.


Remember, these are just our top highlights. There’s much more in the pipeline, with over 90 expert talks, plenty of networking events and even an international food festival.

To find out more about all the other things that are going on, and to build your own agenda, visit the Fujitsu Forum 2017 website. You can also register there if you haven’t already.

And make sure you keep an eye on our @Fujitsu_Global Twitter channel for updates throughout the event.

We’ll also be posting coverage of some of the key breakout sessions highlights here on our website, so if you do happen to miss something, don’t worry!

We look forward to welcoming you at #FujitsuForum 2017!


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