Posts tagged: employee experience

  1. Workplace transformation: it’s time to look beyond technology

    We all know the workplace is changing. And more so than any of us could have imagined just a few short years ago. Unified communications, mobile desktops and cloud file shares have reduced the need for a physical office space. And with AI and VR...

  2. Want to understand your end users? Try talking to them!

    Whatever you think about Richard Branson, he made a good argument when saying: companies should put employees, not customers, first. His point: if you provide your staff with a brilliant experience the customer experience will take care of itsel...

  3. We talk about customer experience – what about employees?

    Happy customers: the Holy Grail for literally any business you can think of. But just as charity begins at home, customer satisfaction starts with your employees. As technology professionals we’re used to developing and deploying products and ...

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