Posts tagged: employee experience

  1. Workplace Anywhere Vision Document

    Being able to attract new skills and the best and brightest talent will be what drives success in the fourth industrial revolution. And if they’re going to come out ahead, companies will need to provide their new workforce with the right ro...

  2. Manufacturing futuristic day in the life scenario for 2025

    This article takes a hypothetical look at what a worker’s day in a car factory might look like in 2025 “Klaus is Head of Manufacturing for a German car-maker. The year is 2025. Although by no means a small operation, his company is not qui...

  3. Workplace transformation: it’s time to look beyond technology

    We all know the workplace is changing. And more so than any of us could have imagined just a few short years ago. Unified communications, mobile desktops and cloud file shares have reduced the need for a physical office space. And with AI and VR...

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