Posts tagged: engineering

  1. Intelligent engineering: less downtime, more productivity

    “A single failure is a source of knowledge we might not have gained in any other way.” These are the words of Henry Petroski, Professor of Engineering and History at Duke University. Failures, he argued, “reveal weaknesses in reasoning, k...

  2. Predictive Analytics: The key to intelligent engineering

    IT support has historically been reactive: wait for it to break then fix it, and fix it cheap. But this simple approach is no longer fit for purpose. Times have changed, the workplace is evolving, and business users are becoming less accepting...

  3. Four reasons ‘engineerless’ field engineering is the future

    No, you didn’t misread that headline. I really do believe we should be aiming for a lack of engineers in field engineering! But hear me out… With technology such as the internet of things (IoT), predictive analytics, drones, augmented realit...

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