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  1. Video: Free your Enterprise

    As the workplace is becoming more digital, your workforce needs to be free to work anywhere securely, free to connect, free to collaborate and free to innovate. Download our White Book of Digital Workplace Evolution. Related resources: ...

  2. Your four-point plan for a data-driven working culture

    Data has become something of a buzzword in recent years. It’s difficult to read about anything to do with business without seeing it mentioned in some capacity. There is a clear reason for this, of course: data can be an extremely powerful too...

  3. Why are companies still clinging to the 9 to 5?

    Do we really need the 9-5 working day anymore? Or should we allow people to fit work around their lives in a way that suits them, giving them more time to focus on family or hobbies? To that first question, many top employers would argue not. ...

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