Posts tagged: workplace productivity

  1. Workplace 2025 Survey Report: Benelux

    An overwhelming 92% of participants in the  Workplace 2025 study in the Benelux region state that interoperability with outdated technology is a challenge to workplace productivity. They also believe their current approach is having a damaging ...

  2. We talk about customer experience – what about employees?

    Happy customers: the Holy Grail for literally any business you can think of. But just as charity begins at home, customer satisfaction starts with your employees. As technology professionals we’re used to developing and deploying products and ...

  3. The secret to a service experience that works for all ages? Choice

    In 2017 it’s becoming more common to have four different generations working within a single organisation: from the boomers born in the 20 years following 1946 to the generation Z employees now making up an increasing proportion of the workforc...

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