Transport futuristic day in the life scenario for 2025

Imagining what life and work could be like for someone working in the transport sector in 2025

“It’s 2025, and the transport sector has seen some considerable changes. By now, three out of five cars are battery-electric vehicles, but also the way that people get around the urban jungle has become much smarter. Ticketing between different providers has been harmonized and simplified, and customers can pay for their tickets in a myriad of ways, without even reaching into their pocket: iris, fingerprint or facial recognition, as well as wide range of wearable devices.”

“Meanwhile, cars alert manufacturers of problems even before they happen, or alert owners of the vehicles of a more minor problem that needs fixing. Predictive maintenance is everywhere. At the same time more and more vehicles are autonomous, and several fleets of taxis are now self-driving, and of course arrive on demand.”

Download the white paper and read the full story that illustrates how the Transport industry has been investing in customer experience and revenue generation for years, leaving behind investment in the workplace – this has a knock-on effect on the sector as a whole compared to other sectors. The future of the work environment is beautiful in its experience, has an ethical foundation and promises human development, wellbeing and fulfilment at work.

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