Workplace 2025 Webinars: WW Results

By Kam Dhillon, - Future WorkplaceFuture Workplace 2025 – WebinarsWebinars

The next decade will see a revolution in the ways we work. Millennials will control boardrooms, AI goes mainstream and traditional office boundaries disappear.

This will present a huge challenge for the vast majority of organizations. Those unable to adapt their workplace will struggle to attract and retain the best talent. They’ll risk falling behind their more agile peers. Although it seems a long time in the future, now is the time to prepare for 2025. Listen to Ramanan Ramakrishna and Nick Mayes for an essential briefing on the findings from our Fujitsu Workplace 2025 Global Survey. Building on research based on over 1,200 interviews with CIOs, they provide critical insight and recommendations for business and IT leaders.

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