White Paper | Workplace 2025: Is Your Workplace an Asset in the Race for Talent?

Businesses have spent years establishing working processes now being forcibly undone by a combination of technology and employees’ expectations.The result is a notable degree of uncertainty for senior decision makers in IT and HR tasked with plotting the future of the businesses and employees they’re responsible for.

So how can CIOs and HR directors plan for this uncertain future? What can they do to ensure their future workplace strategies strike a balance between adopting smart new technologies and remaining people-centric?

The ability to attract the best and brightest talent will be a defining factor in deciding which businesses can thrive in the fourth industrial revolution.In order to better understand these issues, PAC partnered with Fujitsu to interview more than 600 employees at large and mid-sized businesses in Europe. Findings highlight that not all businesses have the right culture, environment policies and technology to enable their employees to be effective, or to attract talent in the future.

Download the report and find out how to address these issues in your organization.

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