Workplace 2025 Survey Report: The Digital Workplace in Europe

European organizations face a difficult balancing act as they plan their future workplace strategies. On the one hand, they are tasked with driving efficiency in their current environment, and ensuring compliance and security against an increasingly complex threat and regulatory background. On the other, they need to lay the foundations for the business to adapt and thrive in the future, and to take full advantage of digital innovation.

The study found that Europe leads the way in a number of areas, including the proportion of organizations adapting corporate policies to drive an improved work/life balance. It is also ahead of the other two regions in the percentage of companies planning investment in open innovation and crowdsourcing initiatives and technology such as digital virtual assistants and social enterprise platforms.

However, organizations in Europe view current approaches to cybersecurity and the complexity of workplace technology as a significantly greater challenge to productivity than other regions. Some 60% of European companies admit that their cybersecurity strategy has a negative impact on employee productivity, compared to 32% in North America.

The study identified several interesting differences between European organizations and their peers in other regions.

Download this report that highlights key findings from the study and learn how the reinvention of the workplace will challenge the vast majority of European businesses – with technology set to play a vital role in helping businesses enable this change.

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