Workplace 2025 Webinar Series

By Kam Dhillon, - Resources

Is your business ready for how the world of work will dramatically change over the next decade?

Join experts from Fujitsu and industry analyst group CXP for a series of webinars tackling the shifting sands of the future workplace, and outlining what you can do to equip yourself.

The next decade will see a revolution in the ways we work. Millennials will dominate boardrooms, AI will enter the mainstream, and traditional office boundaries will all but disappear.

This will present a huge challenge for the vast majority of organizations. Those unable to adapt will struggle to attract and retain the best talent. They’ll risk falling behind their more agile peers.

But in every challenge lies opportunity.

It may seem a long way off, but now is the time to prepare for 2025.

Upcoming webinars:

Workplace 2025 Financial Services: The Essential Steps to Building a Future-Proof Workplace

Join Fujitsu’s Ian Bradbury, CTO for Financial Services and PAC principal analyst for financial services Katharina Dalka as they explore the findings from the Fujitsu Workplace 2025: Financial Services Global Survey.

They’ll be examining:

  • Workplace attrition, which 84% of financial services highlight as a serious barrier to productivity.
  • Cybersecurity, which 69% of business and technology leaders identify as a cause of low productivity levels.
  • Interoperability with outdated technology and a lack of access to the right tools.

This live webinar takes place at 10.00am GMT / 11.00am CET on Wednesday the 7th of March 2018.

Join us to find out how to future-proof your workplace.

Past webinars:

We hope you enjoyed joining Fujitsu’s Ramanan Ramakrishna and PAC principal analyst Nick Mayes as they discussed the findings of the Fujitsu Workplace 2025 Global Survey and that you found the critical insight and recommendations for business and IT leaders valuable.

Join us for our forthcoming webinars in this series as we drill down into the Workplace 2025 global survey findings per industry sector.

In the Workplace 2025 Webinar Series, we’ll exclusively reveal the sector results for:

  • Financial services
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities

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